Cradle of Solidarity

Every country has or had people, whose names are known all over the world. And as is often the case there are names we are ashamed of and those that make us proud. We are going to our great citizens. By visiting shipyard of Gdańsk and a famous exhibition “Roads to freedom” you will learn how many fences Lech Walesa has jumped over and what kind of connection it has had to the collapse of socialism in Eastern Europe. Visit this venue and you will be taken into the times of socialism. You will get to know why “Today was born in Gdańsk”. At the same time you will be able to see how ships are build. The exhibition entitled “Roads to Freedom” was first arranged to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the August Agreement in well-famous BHP Hall of the Gdansk Shipyard.

English speaking guide and entrance fees to exhibition Roads to Freedom, transportation

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